Captain Midnight Artic Avalanche

For those of you too young to have been a kid in the early 1950s, belonging to the “Secret Squadron” was a really BIG deal to a lot of kids. For one thing, the kid got mail in their own name – which was really special and really memorable back then. It was also something thst the kids who were not a part of the “cool kids group” got to take an equal part in. If you askmany of us eho actual HAD one of those decoders

Radar Men from the Moon



What happens when a couple of ill-tempered Moon Men try to open a galactic can of Whoop Ass on Earth? Well, plenty of explosions,car chases, and general mayhem as these dudes begin disabling our defense systems. There’s just one problem, and his name is Commando Cody, and guess what? He likes to fly around in his fancy suit, unencumbered by ray gun toting imperialist carpetbaggers. This is the first exciting episode in a special 13 part series. Why is it special? Watch all 12 episodes, then get ready for the episode they didn’t want you to see.

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