The Plutonium Connection “Nuclear Terrorism” Atomic Bombs

1975 NOVA WGBH-Boston Film The Plutonium Connection “Nuclear Terrorism” Atomic Bombs
The technical information required to build an atomic bomb is accessible to anyone. All that is needed to make it deadly is a small amount of plutonium, the processed waste product of nuclear reactors. Plutonium will become increasingly available as more processing plants are put into operation. In the mid 1970s inventory control was accurate only to within one percent which represented several pounds of plutonium – enough to build a number of bombs. What is to prevent an individual or a country from constructing a bomb and using it for terrorism?.

Witness the nuclear fear scam. Scientist eats uranium.


This video shows Galen Winsor eating uranium, something he did hundreds of times to show it is safe and fears are exaggerated by the energy industry.

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