The next war will be fought with drones

Video shows US fighter jets launch drone swarm of hundreds of micro drones during a Perdix micro-UAV drone swarm test. 103 mini drones were released from the fighter jets during the test. The drones, which have a wingspan of 12in (30cm), operate autonomously and share a distributed brain. A military analyst said the devices, able to dodge air defence systems, were likely to be used for surveillance. The last part of the video shows a drone swarm of Loctus drones during another drone swarm test. Credits: Department of Defense ►Support WarLeaks with a PayPal Donation: https://goo.gl/709Nqs ►Follow Warleaks on Twitter at https://twitter.com/warleaksyt ►Subscribe to WarLeaks Daily Military Defense Videos & Combat Footage for more military videos: http://bit.ly/Nnic4n

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