Pimp Snooky

The movie Pimp Snooky, written with the Pimp Pen Polish of Superfly, The Mack, and Willie Dynamite, definitely transports the viewers along an unrighteous railway, aboard the train of temptation. It is a look into the Jekyll and Hyde metamorphosis of a mannish-boy, overdosed on the thuggish, ghetto power of man-whoring. Pimp Snooky(Derek Avery), reigns over his street sirens with the constant threat of violence, the worst of which, is seen in his piercing soulless eyes.

This movie is also a Girls in The Hood field trip to grandmothers house,with Pimp Snooky as the big bad wolf, who devours their womanhood along the journey. The movie Pimp Snooky, is painful to watch and even more disturbing are the horrors that we imagine, as nervous compassion builds inside of us. This movie reminds us of just how cruel the streets of colored town in any city can be, and of the icy, demonic Imps who set he temperature there. This is not a cliché, clownish characterization of the Pimps of 70’s movies …

Infamous Pimp Snooky Jailed For 20 Years
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