Bosnia and Herzegovina: an ethnically divided country

Ethnic divides still exist in some neighborhoods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a school in Travnik, a fence separates Muslim and Croat pupils. Amela is a Muslim. She went to school in Travnik and grew up with this ethnic segregation. Bosnia’s constitutional court declared the “two schools under one roof policy” unconstitutional in 2012. But

Brazil’s plastic surgery obsession

Making Brazil Beautiful: Seyi Rhodes reports on an astonishing rise in plastic surgery in Brazil, up 40% in two years. Low income women in Rio have access to cut-price and even free plastic surgery thanks to surgeons that believe the poor have a right to beauty too. This film does contain images of surgery. It

The NEW 2018 BMW X7

2018 BMW X7 – SUPER LUXURY SUV – Interior Exterior & Drive – Audi Q8 & Mercedes GLS #1 Competitor. Good Enough to become the BEST LUXURY SUV for 2018? Let me know what you guys think below. Hope you guys enjoy!

The Vietnamese Tarza

HO VAN LANG (OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY) In 2013 the world was amazed by the news that an old man and his son had been ‘rescued’ from the Vietnam jungle, after having lived there totally isolated from the civilian world during 41 long years. The son’s name is Ho Van Lang and he grew up oblivious to

Trump Supporters vs. DACA Illegals in Huntington Beach

This is the first of a series of videos (and I will be uploading other videos very soon) The DACA illegal aliens intended to go after a series of GOP Congressmen to bully them to support DACA, DREAM Act legislation. We showed up an hour earlier than their planned arrival. We the People Rising and


Pyrrolidinopentiophenone is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class developed in the 1960s that has been sold as a designer drug. Colloquially, it is sometimes called flakka Face-eating suspect Austin Harrouff intends to mount insanity defense   Flakka hits Durba n hard